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Chronicle 1966

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    • 1966

      7 October

      After his visit to the United States, West German Chancellor Ludwig Erhard says that a blueprint for lasting peace in Europe cannot be achieved on the basis of the existing situation. more
    • 1966

      9 October

      As a reaction to the fatal shootings of the past days and weeks, the Western Allies step up their patrols at the Wall.
    • 1966

      19 October

      In an interview with Günter Gaus, the leader of the SPD parliamentary party, Herbert Wehner, brings up the idea of a German Economic Community and a German Alliance. He rejects any recognition of the GDR, considering this to be the final seal on the division of Germany; but he is of the opinion that any steps this side of recognition could be introduced to pave the way for inner German regulations.
    • 1966

      27 October

      In Bonn, the CDU/FDP governing coalition falls apart; the FDP rejects tax hikes to balance the 1967 federal budget; its four ministers in the Federal Cabinet resign. On 8 November, the Bundestag indirectly expresses no confidence in Chancellor Erhard; on 10 November, the CDU/CSU parliamentary party nominates Kurt Georg Kiesinger as candidate for the chancellorship.
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