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    • 1966

      1 April

      Professor Robert Havemann is officially excluded from the GDR Academy of Sciences because, it is said, he has violated the loyalty due to the state of the GDR with his publications and offended "against the duties of the citizens of a socialist state".
    • 1966

      1 April

      At an order from the GDR Council of Ministers, the department "Commercial Coordination" is founded within the Ministry for Foreign and Inner-German Trade. Its sole task is to obtain the maximum amount of foreign currencies outside the state plan. The head of the department is the state secretary and Stasi officer Alexander Schalck-Golodkowski.
    • 1966

      8 April

      In an interview with the weekly newspaper "Die Zeit", the leader of the Bavarian Christian Social Union, Franz Josef Strauss, calls for the German question to be Europeanised: "However utopian this may sound today, I see only one single way of shifting the current balance of power so that the German question is not a source of worry to Germany's neighbours, either to the west or to the east: it involves Europe."
    • 1966

      29 April

      Paul Stretz: born on Feb. 28, 1935, shot dead on April 29, 1966 in the Berlin border waters (date of photo not known)
      The 31-year-old West Berliner Paul Stretz is shot dead by border soldiers while swimming in the Spandau shipping canal.

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      Paul Stretz, born on February 28, 1935, shot dead on April 29, 1966 in the Spandauer Schifffahrts Canal near Invaliden Cemetery
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