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    • 1976

      5 August

      The Italian truck driver Benito Corghi, who notices when already on the Western side of the Rudolphstein/Hirschberg border crossing that he has forgotten his papers on the GDR side, goes back on foot to fetch them and is shot dead by GDR border guards.
    • 1976

      13 August

      Certificate for participation in the parade of the Combat Groups of the Working Class, 13 August 1976
      The SED leadership celebrates the 15th anniversary of the construction of the Wall with a military rally ("Kampfappell") and a parade of the "Combat Groups of the Working Class".
    • 1976

      18 August

      In the marketplace in the Thuringian town of Zeitz, the Protestant minister Oskar Brüsewitz sets himself on fire in protest at the repression of churches in the GDR. He dies of his severe injuries four days later.
    • 1976

      19 August

      Meeting between CPSU leader Leonid Brezhnev and SED General Secretary Erich Honecker in the Crimea: Brezhnev repeats his concerns about the growth in inner German travel: "Erich, I have already told you that the GDR has 17 million inhabitants. A lot of people come to the GDR. They make propaganda for capitalism. The District Secretary of the party can’t know everything that is said, not even Comrade Mielke." more
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