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Chronicle 1977

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    • 1977

      4 October

      Start of the 1st CSCE follow-up meeting in Belgrade, where further disarmament issues and the topic of human rights are to be negotiated. more
    • 1977

      7 October

      In Alexander Square in East Berlin, there are severe clashes between young protesters and the People’s Police; the crowd repeatedly chants the slogan "The Wall must go!"
    • 1977

      28 October

      In a speech in London, West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt accuses the Soviet Union of "pre-arming itself" since 1974/75, mostly with atomic medium-range missiles, despite all its avowals of a policy of détente. more
    • 1977

      31 October

      Medal of the GDR Border Troops (1977)
      The "Medal of the Border Troops of the GDR", awarded for "outstanding services and personal dedication" in securing the GDR national border, is created in October 1977 in the classes Bronze, Silver and Gold.