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Chronicle 1977

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    • 16 February


      The Central Committee administration of the SED advises the GDR state authorities that the legal provisions of the GDR do not "include any right to move to non-socialist states". Any reference to the Helsinki Final Act or other documents concerning international law is made punishable by law. more
    • 17 February


      In an interview with the newspaper "Saarbrücker Zeitung", Erich Honecker confirms that there have been some 10,000 applications by GDR citizens to leave the country. At the same time, he calls on the West German government to recognise GDR citizenship, saying that this was the only way that travel and leaving the GDR could be made easier.
    • 24 February


      While filming in West Berlin, the GDR comedian Eberhard Cohrs says he does not want to return to East Germany.
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