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Chronicle 1977

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    • 1977

      5 September

      "German Autumn" ("Deutscher Herbst"): RAF terrorists kidnap the president of the employers’ association, Hanns Martin Schleyer; his driver and three of his companions are murdered during the abduction. The kidnappers demand the release of all of their comrades from the Stammheim Prison in Stuttgart. more
    • 1977

      12 September

      After the SED Politburo reduces coffee imports because of the price rise on the global market in summer and restricts coffee consumption in canteens and restaurants, the Ministry for Security warns internally of a storm of protest from the population. more
    • 1977

      22/23 September

      The USA and the Soviet Union agree to extend the SALT I treaty (Strategic Arms Limitation Talks Agreement). more
    • 1977

      30 September

      The GDR National Defence Council has been given a secret review, carried out by the SED Central Committee, of the effectiveness of border security measures. more
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