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Chronicle 1979

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    • 1979

      14 May

      The West German ZDF correspondent Peter van Loyen is extradited from the GDR because of a report on GDR author Stefan Heym for which he did not obtain permission.
    • 1979

      16 May

      GDR head of planning Gerhard Schürer again tells the SED Politburo that the GDR’s capacity to import and to maintain solvency "is to a huge extent dependent on the willingness of capitalist banks to lend us money."
    • 1979

      22 May

      The GDR author Stefan Heym is given a fine of 9,000 DM for "currency offences".
    • 1979

      23 May

      The previous parliamentary speaker, Karl Carstens (CDU), is elected as the new West German president.
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