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Chronicle 1979

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    • In a bid to counter the GDR's economic crisis, Erich Honecker asks his economics experts to come up with proposals for price rises. The stability of consumer prices has up to now been seen as one of the unimpeachable achievements of the unity of economic and social policies. more
    • 1 August


      The 3rd Penal Law Amendment Act is enacted in the GDR. It considerably stiffens the possible penalties under the penal law for political offences. The Volkskammer also decides on an amendment to the electoral laws so that Berlin Volkskammer representatives are directly elected.
    • 23 August


      Joint "Statement on Peace" by the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) and the Federation of Evangelical Churches in the GDR (BEK) on the 40th anniversary of the outbreak of war.
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