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Chronicle 1981

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    • 1981

      1 November

      Herb Meyer, US specialist for economic war and the right-hand man of CIA head William Casey, reports to his superior that the Soviet Union has sold 240 tonnes of gold on the international market up to this point in 1981 (compared with just 90 tonnes in 1980) – and that the amount was on the rise. Meyer: "This was an unmistakeable sign for us both that the Soviet Union was in great difficulties."
    • 1981

      18 November

      In a speech in Washington, US President Ronald Reagan speaks of the "zero option" – the removal of Soviet medium-range missiles in return for the abandonment of plans to station American Pershing II missiles in Europe – as being the objective at the upcoming INF negotiations in Geneva.
    • 1981

      20 November

      Opening of Berlin’s Teltow Canal for inland navigation.
    • 1981

      22 November

      The Soviet party and state leader Leonid I. Brezhnev visits West Germany for the third time. As a "gesture of good will", he offers a unilateral reduction of nuclear medium-range weapons in the European part of the Soviet Union.
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