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Chronicle 1982

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    • 1982

      3 June

      The economic situation of the GDR deteriorates dramatically. Since 13 December 1981, the day on which martial law was imposed in Poland, the West has not allowed the Eastern Bloc states to take up new loans. more
    • 1982

      9-11 June

      US President Ronald Reagan is on a trip to West Germany and West Berlin, where he visits Charlottenburg Palace and Checkpoint Charlie. In West Berlin, there are both peaceful and violent demonstrations against the NATO policy of further building up its arsenal.
    • 1982

      18 June

      West Germany and East Germany agree on an extension of the interest-free overdraft ("Swing") for the GDR. In return, the GDR raises its annual sum for non-commercial payments. more
    • 1982

      29 June

      In Geneva, negotiations begin between the USA and the Soviet Union on the reduction and limitation of strategic weapons ("START").
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