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Chronicle 1983

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    • 1983

      11 November

      Start of the strictly secret NATO nuclear command post exercise "Able Archer 83" – considered by observers to be probably the highest point of military tensions between the USA and the Soviet Union. more
    • 1983

      22 November

      The West German Bundestag approves the stationing of new US medium-range missiles, thus implementing the NATO resolution on building up its arms capability. In response, the Soviet Union breaks off the INF negotiations in Geneva on 23 November and the START negotiations as well on 8 December.
    • 1983

      24 November

      The Soviet party leader Yuri Andropov announces military measures against NATO’s arms build-up, including the stationing of additional missiles in the GDR and the CSSR and of submarines in closer proximity to the USA coastline.
    • 1983

      25 November

      In a speech to the SED Central Committee, General Secretary Erich Honecker says that the decision to station missiles has caused "serious damage" to the European system of treaties, including the Basic Treaty on relations between the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic. But in the next sentence he continues: "We are in favour of limiting this damage as far as possible."
    • 1983

      28 November

      The CPSU leadership confidentially tells the SED Politburo that "those states that have agreed to the stationing of the missiles must now feel the political consequences of this decision." more
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