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Chronicle 1983

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    • 1983

      10 April

      At the Berlin-Drewitz border crossing point, the transit traveller Rudolf Burkert suffers a heart attack during an interrogation by GDR border officials. There are tensions in German-German relations as a consequence. The Bavarian premier Franz Josef Strauss speaks of "murder".
    • 1983

      17 April

      SED Politburo member Günter Mittag, who is responsible for economic affairs, visits the trade fair in Hanover. He then holds talks with West German Economics Minister Otto Graf Lambsdorff and business representatives. West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl refuses to receive Mittag on 10 April because of the unexplained death of the transit traveller Rudolf Burkert.
    • 1983

      22 April

      German-German writers’ meeting in East Berlin (2nd "Berliner Begegnung" ["Berlin Encounter"]) with the theme of peace and disarmament.
    • 1983

      26 April

      The transit traveller Heinz Moldenhauer dies of heart failure during customs procedures at the Wartha border crossing point.
    • 1983

      28 April

      SED General Secretary Erich Honecker cancels his planned visit to West Germany in the wake of tensions over the deaths of two West German transit travellers in the GDR.

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