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Chronicle 1983

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    • 1983

      1 September

      Badge of the GDR peace movement ("Swords into ploughshares")
      Members of the GDR peace movement are arrested by the People’s Police after they try to form a human chain between the Soviet and the American embassies in East Berlin.
    • 1983

      15 September

      After the close of the Madrid CSCE summit, the GDR Council of Ministers for the first time issues a regulation granting the purely formal right to apply for a "change of residence to another country". However, this right is restricted to people moving to join close relatives and spouses. Even in such cases, there is no legal guarantee that they will obtain permission, as the regulation is framed as a discretionary provision. more
    • 1983

      25 September

      In East Berlin, Richard von Weizsäcker becomes the first Ruling Mayor of Berlin to meet SED General Secretary Erich Honecker.

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