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Chronicle 1984

  • January

    • 1984

      1 January

      Bärbel Bohley and Ulrike Poppe, members of the GDR peace movement who were arrested on 12 December 1983, go on hunger strike because they do not want to be deported to the West.
    • 1984

      9 January

      The West German municipal transport services (BVG) take over the running of the suburban train service in West Berlin from the GDR.
    • 1984

      16 January

      The United States and the Soviet Union reach out to one another. In a speech on January 5th, 1984, US President Ronald Reagan says that the year 1984 will bring opportunities for peace. more
    • 1984

      17-19 January

      As was decided at the CSCE follow-up meeting in Madrid, the Conference on Confidence- and Security-Building Measures and Disarmament in Europe in Europe (CDE) begins in Stockholm.
    • 1984

      20 January

      Six GDR citizens ask for political asylum in the US embassy in East Berlin. On 22 January, they are allowed to leave for West Berlin. On 24 January, twelve GDR citizens who have fled to the West German Permanent Mission also leave for West Berlin.
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