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Chronicle 1985

  • January

    • 1985

      1 January

      The GDR extends its territorial waters from three to twelve nautical miles, citing a US maritime convention.
    • 1985

      9-12 January

      The Prime Minister of the West German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Johannes Rau, visits the GDR, among other things meeting with Erich Honecker.
    • 1985

      10 January

      The West German cabaret performers Dieter Hildebrandt and Werner Schneyder are allowed to give guest performances in Leipzig.
    • 1985

      15 January

      The last six "embassy squatters" leave the West German embassy in Prague to return to the GDR, after they have been promised immunity and that their applications to migrate will be processed.
    • 1985

      22 January

      The cross from the tower of the Church of Reconciliation survived the explosion in 1985; photo taken in 2005
      The nave of the Church of Reconciliation (Versöhnungskirche), which has stood, inaccessible, in the "death strip" on Bernauer Strasse since August 1961, is blown up; the church tower is blown up on 28 January. more
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