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Chronicle 1988

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    • 1988

      9 June

      The West German daily "Die Welt" publishes remarks by the Soviet foreign-policy expert Vyacheslav Dashichev. Speaking to German journalists in the Soviet Embassy in Bonn, Dashichev had described the Wall and barbed wire on the GDR’s borders as "remnants and traditions left over from the Cold War" that "have to disappear over time." more
    • 1988

      14 June

      The SED Politburo discusses the non-achievement of the 1987 plan. more
    • 1988

      17 June

      In a confidential memo to the chairman of the Council of Ministers, Willi Stoph, the Ministry for Security reports that "discussions about domestic political issues, especially problems in successfully implementing economic and social policies and problems in trade and supply have continued to increase across wide sectors of the population." It says that the question "whether the party and state leadership really recognises the true situation of the economy and in the area of supply" is being raised more and more often.
    • 1988

      19 June

      During a concert by pop star Michael Jackson in front of the Reichstag building near the Wall, there are clashes between People’s Police and young people who have approached the Wall because they want to hear the concert from the Eastern sector.
    • 1988

      21 June

      Horst Neugebauer becomes the new Permanent Representative of the GDR in West Germany.
    • 1988

      26 June - 1 July

      Representatives from 20 CSCE signatory states observe a joint troop manoeuvre involving Soviet and East German armed forces in Potsdam.
    • 1988

      29 June

      At a press conference organised by the Soviet party and state leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, leading Soviet politicians and economics experts call for radical reforms to advance the process of democratisation in the Soviet Union.
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