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Chronicle 1988

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    • 1988

      3 July

      For the first time in 47 years, an All-Union Conference of the CPSU takes place, at which fundamental steps towards reforming political institutions are to be approved.
    • 1988

      3 July

      Poland imposes a swimming ban for Gdańsk Bay. This comes after the environmentalist organisation Greenpeace described the area as "ecologically dead".
    • 1988

      7 July

      At the 44th annual conference of the Comecon states in Prague, there is discussion of the reforms introduced by Soviet party and state leader Gorbachev. more
    • 1988

      18 July

      After the troubles in the enclave Nagorno-Karabakh, the Supreme Soviet decides that the region will remain part of the Soviet republic Azerbaijan. However, the Armenian region is to gain more autonomy. But the clashes continue even after the decision, and Moscow deploys troops on 24 November.
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