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Chronicle 1980

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    • 1980

      4 November

      In the United States, the film actor Ronald Reagan, from 1967 to 1975 Governor of California, wins the presidential election for the Republicans over Democrat Jimmy Carter.
    • 1980

      9-19 November

      "Decade of Peace" of Protestant youth in the GDR, which takes place decentrally under the motto "Make peace without weapons".
    • 1980

      11 November

      Start of the second CSCE follow-up meeting in Madrid.
    • 1980

      12 November

      A memorandum by the SED Politburo member Werner Krolikowski, probably meant for Soviet diplomatic channels, states that Central Committee economics secretary Günter Mittag is willing "to help out EH [Author’s note: Erich Honecker] in any dirty business. (…) more
    • 1980

      15 November

      Representatives of the "Greens", the DKP (German Communist Party), church and union groups and members of the SPD issue the "Krefeld Appeal", in which the West German government is called upon to withdraw its agreement to allow the stationing of American medium-range missiles. more
    • 1980

      24 November

      A strictly confidential report by the State Security on the economic situation of the GDR concludes that decisive measures are needed to overcome the crisis. more
    • 1980

      26 November

      SED General Secretary Erich Honecker asks CPSU leader Brezhnev to convene a meeting of general secretaries in Moscow "to come up with collective measures to help our Polish friends overcome the crisis." Letter from Erich Honecker to Leonid Brezhnev, 26 November 1980 (in German)
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