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Chronicle 1963

  • January

    • 14 January


      In accordance with the Hallstein Doctrine, which requires Bonn to cut ties with states that recognise the GDR, West Germany breaks off relations with Cuba. The move comes after Fidel Castro recognises the GDR and announces an exchange of ambassadors.
    • 17 January


      With Walter Ulbricht, the Soviet party and state leader Nikita S. Khrushchev visits the Wall on Friedrichstrasse on the eastern side of Checkpoint Charlie. His visit is occasioned by the 6th SED Party Conference.

      Speaking at the conference, Khrushchev explains that, because Fritz in the East Germany still earns less than Hans in West Germany, the SED has the tasl of "organising production better and raising productivity to a higher level than that in capitalist countries. (…) If we consume more than we produce, we will not become richer but poorer; we will use up the original capital and be reduced to poverty – that’s how it is, comrades!" less
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