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Chronicle 1966

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    • 1 December


      Ludwig Erhard resigns on 30 November after the collapse of the governing coalition of CDU/CSU and FDP. A "grand coalition" is formed; Kurt Georg Kiesinger (CDU) becomes Chancellor, the SPD chairman Willy Brandt is made Vice Chancellor and Foreign Minister, Franz Josef Strauss (CSU) is Finance Minister and Karl Schiller (SPD) is Economics Minister. more
    • 16 December


      Karl-Heinz Kube: born on April 10, 1949, shot dead at the Berlin Wall on December 16, 1966 while trying to escape (photo: mid-1960s)
      In Kleinmachnow, south of Berlin, the 17-year-old Karl-Heinz Kube and the 18-year-old Detlef S. try to get through the border fortifications towards the Berlin district of Zehlendorf (Düppel). They are noticed by border guards, who fire at them. more
    • 19 December


      The Saale motorway bridge, the first and so far only joint construction project carried out by the two German states since the division of Germany, is opened to traffic. The old bridge had been blown up in 1945.
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