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    • 7 December


      West German Chancellor Willy Brandt in Warsaw: remembering the victims of the Ghetto Rebellion, 7. 12.1970
      In the Treaty of Warsaw with Poland, West Germany recognises the Oder-Neisse Line as the western border of Poland. Willy Brandt goes down on his knees in Warsaw in commemoration the victims of the Ghetto Rebellion, brutally put down by the Germans.
    • 17 December


      In East Berlin, Walter Ulbricht propagates the end of the united German nation; the GDR is a "socialist German nation-state".
    • 18 December


      In Poland, particularly in the area of Gdansk and Szczecin, tanks put an end to strikes, demonstrations and unrest provoked by the raising of prices. Many demonstrators are killed. more
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