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Chronicle 1970

  • March

    • 1 March


      The Socialist German Student Association (SDS) announces its disbandment. The student movement and the Extra-Parliamentary Opposition (APO) splits up into a reform movement, which the SPD joins, a group that follows the German Communist Party (DKP), and Maoist, district-based and spontaneous formations.

      After the violent freeing of the Frankurt department-store arsonist Andreas Baader under the leadership of Ulrike Meinhof, during which a bystander is shot and wounded, the terrorist underground organisation "Rote Armee Fraktion" ("Red Army Faction"), or RAF, is founded. The group believes it can bring about a mass armed rebellion by carrying out murders, kidnappings and violent actions. less
    • 19 March


      Meeting between West German Chancellor Willy Brandt und GDR chairman of the Council of Ministers Willi Stoph in Erfurt, 19. 3.1970
      Meeting between the chairman of the GDR Council of Ministers, Willi Stoph, and West German Chancellor Willy Brandt in Erfurt. While Willi Stoph calls for relations between East and West Germany to be taken up as between independent, sovereign states, Willy Brandt insists on a special German-German relationship. more
    • 26 March


      Four-Power talks about the divided city begin in the former Allied Control Commission building in West Berlin. They are aimed at bringing about regulated access and a reduction in tensions.
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