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Chronicle 1971

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    • 3 September


      The USA and the USSR, Great Britain and France sign the Four-Power Agreement on Berlin. The Soviet Union guarantees that civilian traffic between West Berlin and West Germany will not be hindered in future.

      On the basis of the Four-Power Agreement, agreements are struck by the West German government and the West Berlin Senate with the GDR that lead to simplifications in visitor and travel traffic between West Berlin and the GDR (agreement of 20 December 1971) or West Germany and the GDR (Transit Agreement of 17 December 1971). Four-Power Agreement of 3 September 1971 (in German)
    • 16-18 September


      West German Chancellor Willy Brandt goes on a state visit to the Soviet Union; he is received by CPSU General Secretary Brezhnev in Oreanda in the Crimea.
    • 29 September


      The West German government reacts to the growing problem of environmental pollution with an environmental programme.
  • December 
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