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Chronicle 1978

  • January

    • 1 January


      In the GDR, a new code of labour laws comes into force, based on the assumed harmony between the interests of the Party, companies and workers.
    • 10 January


      The office of the magazine "Der Spiegel" in East Berlin is closed after the publication of  the issue 2/1978
      After the publication of the "Manifesto" of a so-called "League of Democratic Communists of Germany", an allegedly dissident group within the SED, the office of the "Spiegel" magazine in East Berlin is closed because of "continual and malicious defamation of the GDR and its citizens".

      The "Manifesto" calls for a "theoretically and politically totally reformed communism". The SPD describes the "Manifesto" as a "New Year’s cocktail" and a "shot against the policy of détente"; the SED calls it a "miserable piece of work" and claims it has been authored by the West German intelligence agency and the "Spiegel".

      In the nineties, it comes out that the GDR secret diplomat and dissident Professor Hermann von Berg is the author of the "Manifesto". In 1986, the GDR expatriates von Berg. No "League of Democratic Communists of Germany" ever existed in the GDR. "Manifesto" of the "League of Democratic Communists of Germany" (1977 - in German) less
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