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Chronicle 1982

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    • 1 October


      With a "constructive" vote of no confidence, the CDU/CSU-FDP majority in the Bundestag ousts Helmut Schmidt and elects CDU chairman Helmut Kohl as the new West German Chancellor.
    • 11 October


      At a central conference of the Ministry for Security in October 1982, Stasi Minister Erich Mielke explains: "The enemy wants to use economic measures to create 'political constraints" for the party and state leaderships in socialist countries that are meant to lead to internal changes, to so-called reforms, to the 'liberalisation' of domestic politics – in other words, to the undermining and weakening of socialist power – combined with the creation of 'spaces' for all kinds of hostile, negative, anti-socialist, dissident, revisionist, liberalist, nationalist and anti-Soviet forces." more
    • 13 October


      West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl assures the Bundestag that his government will uphold the treaties with the East and the obligations they contain.
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