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Chronicle 1983

  • January

    • 1 January


      GDR border troops begin building new observation towers along the Berlin Wall. They are no longer round, but constructed of rectangular pre-fabricated concrete elements.

      While the old towers are so instable that they are not permitted to be used in storms or when there are winds of force 7 or higher, the new towers do not have to be abandoned until winds reach force 11. less
    • 17 January


      The "NSDD-75" document, the Reagan administration’s best-kept secret, strictly confidential to this day, which was drawn up by the Harvard historian Richard Pipes and staff of the National Security Council, replaces the legendary "containment" NSC-68 report (signed by US President Truman, drawn up by Paul Nitze). Its objective is no longer co-existence with the Soviet Union, but to overthrow the Soviet system. more
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