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Chronicle 1983

  • January

    • 1 January


      Observation tower (BT 6) of GDR border troops near the "House of the Ministries"/Martin-Gropius-Bau
      GDR border troops begin building new observation towers along the Berlin Wall. They are no longer round, but constructed of rectangular pre-fabricated concrete elements. more
    • 17 January


      The "NSDD-75" document, the Reagan administration’s best-kept secret, strictly confidential to this day, which was drawn up by the Harvard historian Richard Pipes and staff of the National Security Council, replaces the legendary "containment" NSC-68 report (signed by US President Truman, drawn up by Paul Nitze). Its objective is no longer co-existence with the Soviet Union, but to overthrow the Soviet system.

      It is based on the conviction that the USA has the power to change the Soviet system with external pressure. The inner weakness of the Soviet Union is to be exploited in order to undermine it. According to John Poindexter, the "NSDD-75" defines an integrated policy connecting actions all over the world: a global roll-back strategy focusing on the Soviet economy. "NSDD-75" is signed by US President Ronald Reagan on 17 January 1983. less
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