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Chronicle 1984

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    • 1 December


      Michael Schmidt: born on Oct. 20, 1964, shot dead at the Berlin Wall on Dec 1, 1984 while trying to escape (date of photo not known)
      The 20-year-old carpenter Michael Schmidt is shot dead by GDR border soldiers while trying to escape at the Berlin sector border. The two soldiers who delivered the fatal shots are commended; only the large consumption of ammunition (50 shots) is criticised. Each of the two border soldiers receives a reward of 200 marks and a medal for exemplary border service. more
    • 13 December


      Forty GDR citizens who want to migrate and have sought refuge in the West German embassy in Prague go on hunger strike. After they are promised a favourable review of their applications for departure, they return to the GDR in January 1985.
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