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Chronicle 1984

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    • 8 May


      A planned tour of the GDR by the West German rock musician Udo Lindenberg is cancelled after he refuses to adapt his programme to conform with the wishes of SED officials.
    • 15 May


      In a strictly confidential "guideline", Stasi minister Mielke orders that applicants for migration who visit West German embassies or keep up contacts to the West to speed up procedures are no longer to be prosecuted for "treasonous transmission of information" or "treason" (§§ 99, 100, 2. Chapt. Penal Code), but at the most for "illegal contacts" (§ 219, 8th Chapt. Penal Code), which entails milder penalties. more
    • 23 May


      Richard von Weizsäcker (CDU) is elected as new the West German president.
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