Chronicle of the Berlin Wall

At the Brandenburg Gate, 10. November 1989

For 28 years, the Berlin Wall cemented the political division of Germany and Europe. It became a symbol of the Cold War, which split the world politically into an eastern and a western hemisphere. Over one hundred people died attempting to get past the heavily guarded Wall. In the end, the internal and external pressure on the GDR leadership increased so much that a chain of events was triggered that led to the Wall’s coming down.

The website Chronicle of the Wall is the most comprehensive multi-media source of information on this topic available at the present time. It includes secondary literature, lists of links and films, original sound and reports from East and West, as well as a chronology of the history of the Wall and numerous text sources.

For the first time, this information is now available in English as well. Starting with the events of 1989 and some video clips, the English-language version will be extended to become a complete chronicle of the Berlin Wall, just as in the German version.

The website Chronicle of the Wall is a co-operative project of the Federal Centre for Political Education, Deutschlandradio and the Zentrum für Zeithistorische Forschung Potsdam. The website is targeted at all those interested in politics and culture.